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Cyst Removal


Cysts are a common condition. While many cysts are harmless, it’s still crucial to see a doctor for an examination and treatment. In some situations, complications and other conditions could be a serious threat to your health. If you’re looking for assistance with cyst removal and live in or near Tulsa, Muskogee, & Broken Arrow, OK, contact Southside Dermatology and schedule an appointment. Our providers would be happy to answer any questions and can help you resolve your issue.

What Are Cysts?

A cyst is essentially a closed sac that fills with a liquid or gaseous substance, like say pus. They can form essentially anywhere on the body. Some cysts will form on the surface of the skin while others will form beneath the skin. They can form on organs as well, including the ovaries and kidneys.

Cysts can appear similar to other conditions, including skin abscesses and boils. Figuring out what condition you’re suffering from is important, which is one reason why it’s a good idea to see a doctor. Cysts are typically not cancerous. However, they may be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition. By working with medical practitioners, you can mitigate many risks.

If you’d like to learn more about cyst removal and live around Tulsa, Muskogee, & Broken Arrow, OK, visit Southside Dermatology and schedule an appointment. Our providers can address any concerns and help you develop the right approach to treatment.

How Cysts Are Treated

Treatment can vary depending on where the cyst is formed. In some cases, it may not be necessary to treat the cyst at all. If the cyst is internal, surgery may be required. However, with internal cysts, including cysts on the ovaries, it’s sometimes possible to use minimally invasive approaches with a laparoscope and other tools.

With cysts on the skin, your doctor might apply local anesthesia and then make an incision through the tissues. Then the fluids or other substances inside can be drained. The wound can then be protected with gauze, stitched up, or otherwise covered or closed. Doctors may prescribe antibiotics to clear up any existing infections and to prevent issues in the future.

If you need help with cyst removal and live near Tulsa, Muskogee, & Broken Arrow, OK, get in touch with Southside Dermatology and schedule an appointment. Our providers would be happy to help. You can contact us at the phone numbers listed below.

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