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Understanding the Causes of Hyperpigmentation: A Comprehensive Guide


If you are unhappy living with hyperpigmentation, our team at Southside Dermatology and Skin Cancer Surgery in Tulsa, Muskogee, & Broken Arrow, OK can help.

Hyperpigmentation: Causes and Treatment

Hyperpigmentation is a condition that occurs when some areas of the skin have darker patches or spots than the rest of the skin. It’s a very common issue, but it does make many people feel self-conscious. In this guide, our team at Southside Dermatology and Skin Cancer Surgery in Tulsa, Muskogee, & Broken Arrow, OK explains what causes hyperpigmentation and what can be done about it. 

What Causes Hyperpigmentation? 

At its simplest, this condition occurs due to more melanin being accumulated or produced in one or a few areas than others. Melanin is the pigment that determines your skin tone and more. Therefore, when there is more of it in one area, it leads to dark spots. 

So what causes more melanin to be in some areas than others? There are a few potential causes, including those listed below. 


From cuts to acne, injuries to the skin cause inflammation and a natural response for recovery. This can lead to an increased amount of melanin at the injury site and is known as PIH or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 


Fluctuations in your hormones can also increase the amount of melanin produced. This commonly leads to dark spots in pregnant women and during menopause. 

Sun Exposure 

When your skin is exposed to the sun’s UV rays, it goes into hyperdrive to protect you by producing more melanin. Often, this shows up as freckles, but it can show up as larger dark spots. Wearing sunscreen is one of the most effective methods for preventing this.


Many things suffer as we age, including how our skin responds to UV damage. You will likely notice that your skin develops dark spots more quickly when you’re out in the sun. Sunscreen becomes even more important at this time.

Treatment for Hyperpigmentation 

A dermatologist can offer several types of treatments and techniques to lighten up darkened areas. These include but are not limited to: 

  • Chemical peels 
  • Topical treatments
  • Laser or light therapy 
  • Laser resurfacing 
  • Microdermabrasion 

In many cases, two or more of these techniques will be combined, as well as lifestyle adjustments. 

Treat your hyperpigmentation with the most effective treatment techniques by visiting Southside Dermatology in Tulsa, Muskogee, & Broken Arrow, OK. You can reach our Tulsa, OK office at (918) 760-0700, our Muskogee, OK office at (918) 840-5276, or our Broken Arrow, OK office at (918) 770-4599.

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