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Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin Cancer Surgery Tulsa

When you find out you have skin cancer we know you want answers, reassurance and guidance as to what steps to take next. Here at Southside Dermatology and Skin Cancer Surgery in Tulsa, our board-certified dermatologists Drs. Alison and Robert Fischer and their team provide comprehensive, compassionate and individualized treatment plans to patients dealing with basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers, as well as melanoma. Knowing your options can help you make the most informed decision regarding the cancer treatment you receive.

One of the most common ways to treat skin cancer is through surgery. Of course, there are different methods and techniques that are utilized depending on the size and location of the cancerous growth. If the cancer is small, our dermatological team may recommend a simple excision, in which we numb the area first and then remove the cancerous patch of skin. The surgery is minor and isn’t recommended for larger cancerous growths.

We also know how important it is for our patients to maintain their appearance. A common concern that people have is the visibility of the surgical scar. If cancer is widespread or is in a rather delicate region such as the face then Mohs surgery may be the best surgical method for removing the cancerous tissue while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible. While there will still be a scar, the scar will be very minimal and will eventually fade with time.

Mohs surgery is a very conservative approach to treating skin cancer. First, one of our dermatologists will remove a thin layer of cancerous tissue. We will examine the tissue under a microscope to look for cancerous cells. We will continue to remove thin layers until cancer cells no longer appear. While this procedure can take hours, it’s a great option for preserving your appearance and minimizing scarring. Mohs surgery may be recommended to you if your skin cancer has returned, if cancer has spread to others areas, the cancerous growth is large or if the cancer is on your face.

Our team of dermatologists will plan your surgery and talk you through every step of the process. If there are multiple options from which to choose we will discuss them with you so that you can make the most informed decision regarding the treatment you receive. From preparation and surgery to recovery, you’re in good hands with us.

If you or someone you love is dealing with skin cancer, it’s important to have a dermatologist who can guide you throughout the treatment process. Call Southside Dermatology in Tulsa, OK, at (918) 760-0700 to schedule a consultation.

Interested in Skin Cancer Surgery? Call Southside Dermatology and Skin Cancer Surgery, in Tulsa, OK, at (918) 760-0700 to book an appointment! 

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