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Your skin is the largest organ and protects your body from viruses, bacteria, and environmental factors. However, your skin is vulnerable to a variety of skin diseases ranging from warts to cancer. Alison Fischer, MD, and Robert Fischer, MD, at Southside Dermatology in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are board-certified dermatologists who diagnose and treat skin diseases to protect your health and well-being. If you’re concerned about a skin disease, call or schedule an appointment online today.

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Skin Diseases Q & A

What are common skin diseases?

Your skin is vulnerable to many diseases that range in severity. Some common skin diseases include:

  • Vitiligo — loss of melanin causing white blotches on your skin
  • Alopecia — skin condition that causes your hair to fall out anywhere on your body
  • Melasma — gray or brown patches that develop on your skin, often after pregnancy or sun exposure
  • Atopic dermatitis — most common type of eczema
  • Psoriasis — accelerated skin cell growth that causes a thick, scaly plaque to grow on your skin
  • Nail diseases — infections and other deformities
  • Contact dermatitis — allergic rash that develops when you touch an irritant, such as poison ivy
  • Acne — pimples and cysts that form when your pores or hair follicles are clogged with oil and dead skin cells
  • Allergic reactions — rashes or hives that develop in response to exposure to an allergen
  • Skin cancer including melanoma — disease where abnormal cells rapidly develop on or in your skin which may appear as moles, rough patches, or discoloration

Autoimmune diseases like lupus can also cause skin problems, like the telltale butterfly rash that forms over the bridge of your nose and on your cheeks. Many of these conditions can lead to scarring and discoloration that has a lasting effect, long after the disease is treated. Luckily, the doctors at Southside Dermatology provide expert treatments to reduce the appearance of scarring, redness, and other discoloration problems.

What are signs of skin disease?

Skin diseases cause a variety of symptoms. You should pay attention to your skin, and examine it regularly to check for changes including raised bumps, rough patches, discoloration, persistent rashes, and changing moles.

If you notice any abnormalities with your skin or slow-to-heal wounds, you should make an appointment with one of the expert dermatologists at Southside Dermatology. They can examine your skin, diagnose your condition, and provide effective, customized treatment.

How are skin diseases diagnosed?

Dr. Alison Fischer or Dr. Robert Fischer examines your skin and talks to you about your personal and family medical history to develop an understanding of your symptoms and overall health. They may take a tissue sample, such as a simple scrape of cells or a biopsy, to screen for abnormal cells or the presence of other proteins or indicators of certain diseases or infections.

How are skin diseases treated?

The doctors at Southside Dermatology provide customized treatments to address your specific disease and symptoms. For example, you may benefit from medicated topical creams and ointments to reduce inflammation, itching, and pain or an antifungal treatment to clear bacterial infections. Many of these medications can also be taken orally.

If you have an abnormal growth such as a cyst or mole, or skin cancer, the dermatologists are experienced at removal procedures, including the highly effective Mohs surgery technique.

Call Southside Dermatology today or schedule an appointment online for expert diagnosis and treatment for your skin condition.

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