Surgery Patients


  1. Take all your regular medications the day of surgery. Most blood thinners (such as Aspirin, Coumadin, Plavix, etc…) are continued unless you are otherwise instructed. Please follow the instructions the doctor has discussed with you.
  2. If you take pain relievers such as Motrin, Advil, Aspirin, Aleve or Ibuprofen, please let us know during the consultation. In general, these medications should be stopped before surgery. You may take Tylenol instead.
  3. Eat your usual breakfast on the day of surgery; you will have time for lunch if your procedure is still in progress. Feel free to bring snacks.
  4. If you are having Mohs Micrographic Surgery, you may need to spend several hours at the clinic. Due to the waiting time between layers of tumor removal and laboratory analysis, we encourage you to bring something to occupy your time (book, magazine, crossword, etc…) It is best not to plan other appointments on the day of surgery. Bring a jacket and/or blanket if you get cold easily.
  5. Driving for the first 24 hours is discouraged. It is ideal for someone to come with you to drive you home. Sometimes even with a minor procedure, a patient may not feel up to driving. Postoperative bleeding, though rare, can be dangerously distracting to a driver.
  6. Please wear comfortable clothing that does not need to be pulled over your head to remove
  7. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please contact Stephanie Fox (918-760-0700) as soon as possible to reschedule.


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